AKA the thing that no one ever reads. Below we've provided tweet-sized definitions of some related terms and concepts we're using to describe the broader context Hypha is operating in.1 Additions welcome!

  • Capitalism: an economic system based on private ownership of the means of production with the goal of generating profits. See: The Black Socialists of America Glossary of Socialist Terms
  • Co-operative: a people-centred enterprise owned, controlled, and run by and for members to realise common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations.
  • Labour Movement: a social movement that consists of labour unions and political organizing or political parties representing the interests of workers. See: History of Labour in Canada
  • Member-worker: a joint member and worker of a co-operative who has equal democratic control of its operation. See: About Hypha Worker Co-operative
  • New economy: a vision for a just, sustainable, and democratic economy of cooperative, ethical, and community-rooted enterprises working within environmental limits.
  • Platform co-operative: a co-operatively owned, democratically-governed computing platform that uses a website, app or protocol to facilitate selling goods and services.
  • Solidarity economy or co-operative economy: an economy based on efforts to increase the quality of life of a region or community through local business and not-for-profit endeavors.
  • Union or Trade Union: an association of workers that bargains for and acts as a legal representative of a unit of employees in a workplace often with a collective agreement. See: What Unions Do


1. Inspired by Black Socialists of America Mumbo-jumbo and vTaiwan tweet-sized definitions.

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