Reporting HST

Hypha reports HST to the Government of Canada quarterly. Deadlines for submitting HST to the CRA is at the end of the following month after the end of each quarter is completed. This means end of April, July, October and January. The process has three parts. Preparing the HST (this is done by the bookkeeper), filing the HST with CRA and if required payment of the amount owed.

Preparing HST

The bookkeeper will prepare the HST reporting shortly after each quarter is over. They will send an e-mail to the Finance WG that looks like this:

Please file and pay the HST as per following lines:

Line 101 : 10,000.00
Line 105: 2,000.00
Line 108: 1,000.00

109-NET TAX 1000-will be automatically calculated
115- Amount Owing 1000- will be automatically calculated

This will trigger Finance to take action.

Filing HST

To Filing the HST you will need to access the CRA's GST/HST NETFILE website. The website and all relative identifying information can be found in BitWarden.

  1. Visit the GST/HST NETFILE website
  2. Press the Ready to file button
  3. Press the Continue button at the bottom of the page
  4. Enter the Business Number from BitWarden. Note the number does not include spaces. Note that on the site the number is broken into two fields seperated at RT
  5. Enter the Access Code from BitWarden's password field
  6. Enter the first day and last day of the quarter you are reporting for
  7. Confirm no checkboxes need to be checked (as of September 2021, no checkboxes are required to be checked)
  8. Press Next
  9. Enter line 101, 105 and 108 from the bookkeeper's email. Make sure you do not have any leading or trailing spaces and only one decimal place
  10. Click Next
  11. Review summary, and check line 109 and 114 or 115 for matching values from the bookkeeper's email
  12. Check Yes regarding payment (if applicable)
  13. Check the box under Certification
  14. Click Submit
  15. Click Save as PDF at the bottom of the page
  16. Rename file in correct format with today's date and last day of quarter yyyy-mm-dd-hst-ending-20xx-xx-xx-netfile.pdf`
  17. Upload file to Google Drive until -Backoffice/Finance/HST

Payment of HST

If payment is required for HST, you will need to coordinate with another member that has signing authority at the bank. The payment must be confirmed by the 2nd person within 48 hours.

  1. Login to Desjardins
  2. Select the Payments button on the right, a pulldown menu will appear
  3. Select Government remittances - Can-Act
  4. Select Confirm on the popup
  5. Select Federal - GST/HST
  6. Select Pay at the top bar
  7. Enter last day of the quarter as Period Ending
  8. Enter amount from Line 115 as Amount owing
  9. Confirm right amount displays in Total payment field
  10. Select Next
  11. Confirm values are correct
  12. Select Submit
  13. Confirm message The transaction is now in Pending Approval status and requires 1 approver(s). Displays at the top
  14. Click Done

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