Time Commitment

When the co-op was founded, Hypha maintained a four-day work week; however, some members and employees have opted to work five-day weeks, while others work part-time hours. As a consultancy, Hypha requires members to have a mix of billable and non-billable time commitments. Initiative leads (i.e. project leads) are responsible for determining the appropriate time commitment of their team members; this is revised per quarter across the organization. Each member is also alloted at least one half-day per week to spend on internal work related to the co-operative.

Initiative leads invoice clients based on the team capacity committed to their initiative. Team members are responsible for managing their own time accordingly, and for ensuring they are meeting the delivery expectations set out by their leads.

How this works in practice

If Alice works 4 days a week at Hypha and works on two client initiatives, her commitment will look something like this:

Initiative Commitment
Client initiative A 2.0 day
Client initiative B 1.5 day
Hypha (non-billable) 0.5 day

Based on this, Alice's time is 87.5% billable. When we invoice the clients, Hypha bills Alice's day rate, for example at $1,600 x 2 for Client A and $1,600 x 1.5 for Client B = $5,600 per week.

Financial forecasting

For the Finance Working Group's projections, we know that Hypha:

  • has 12 days of public holiday equivalent to three 4-day weeks
  • has Christmas week closure (Dec 27-Jan 1) roughly equal to one 4-day week
  • has three weeks of vacation for the employee

Therefore, Alice works 45 of the 52 calendar weeks in a year. 45 x $5,600 = $252,000 is effectively the revenue that Alice brings in over the calendar year.

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