Add a New Employee

Follow this guide to add a new employee in Wagepoint.

  1. Log into Wagepoint as a user with admin privileges.
  2. Click the EMPLOYEES tab and then the ADD NEW EMPLOYEE button at the bottom right corner.
  3. Add stub details for new employee. Since we calculate wages per pay period outside of Wagepoint, set:
    • Pay Type: Yearly
    • Pay Rate: 0
  4. Return to the EMPLOYEES tab and click the Employee's name.
    • You should now be on their profile, specifically THE PERSON tab, which you can fill out with info from our employee records.
    • Make sure to use a personal email, not the @hypha email so that the employee gets tax-related emails even after they leave Hypha.
    • Fill out everything you can, but leave External ID blank.
  5. In the THE JOB tab, set up the Employee with the salaried method:
    • Pay Type: Yearly
    • Annual Salary: $0.00
    • Expected Hour per Week: 0.00
    • Job Title: No title
    • Department: Salary
    • Vacation will: not be applicable
  6. In the TAX INFO tab, set up the Employee's tax info based on the TD1 and TD1-ON forms they submitted.
  7. In the DIRECT DEPOSIT tab, set up the bank account for direct deposit based on account information or a void cheque they submitted.
  8. Return to the "Employee" tab listing, and use the "mail" icon to send an invite to the Employee to Wagepoint.

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