We use a custom shortlink service at It helps us:

  • resolve keywords to URLs from any computer,
  • make commonly used resources quickly and easily accessible,
  • simplify link-sharing in spoken conversations, and
  • align on shorthand keywords for resources.

Instructions on creating and managing shortlinks are available in our configuration repo under hyphacoop/shortlinks directory.

Hint: You can use a URL hash to deep-link into an expanded shortlink. Example:ย

Shortlinks work on their own in the address bar, but for even easier access on your own workstation, you can add a "custom search engine" keyword to your browser.

This allows you to type something like h<tab>shortlinks into the search bar, and get

Here's a screencast of how it works on Chrome:

screenshot of adding/using shortlinks as keywords with custom search
engine set in browser

Instructions: Chrome | Firefox (requires extension)

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