Pet Policy

Hypha is a pet-friendly workplace. You may run into personal pets of our staff during calls, or encounter digital office pets in our chat spaces.


Roo was born on the 25th of February 2022 to the collective care of Hypha staff.

Roo is a lifeform on the Polygon blockchain. It wanders into our chat rooms and helps with office chores. You can teach Roo new tricks by contributing to this GitHub repository.

Steps for transferring Roo

This guide assumes that you are currently in possession of Roo, which implies that you have a Polygon address connected to MetaMask (where Roo is located) and a few spare MATIC for gas fees.

  1. Login to your account via MetaMask.
  2. Visit and click ‘Connect’ in the upper right corner.
  3. You ought to see Roo with his usual name tag in the lower right. It should now have a ‘Give’ option.
  4. Click ‘Give’ and enter the recipient’s Polygon address. Double check the address!
  5. Fiddle with gas settings as needed for your comfort level with processing time (MetaMask will likely give you an estimate of how long to expect).
  6. Confirm the transaction!
  7. Ensure that Roo has safely made it to a new wallet by visiting him at
  8. Calculate when the new custodian should start thinking about transferring Roo again (suggested: 85 days after the current date because Roo will die if he lives in the same wallet for 90 days -
  9. Create a calendar event on this date (“Get ready to transfer Roo!”) and invite the new custodian. Include a link to these instructions in the event description for easy reference.

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