Accessing Voicemail

We use a VoIP phone line provider with forwarding and voicemail from voip.ms. It helps us:

  • Have a phone number without tying it to a physical location
  • Receive voicemail by email to members@hypha.coop
  • Receive text messages (SMS) to common e-mail

To access voicemail inbox you can either call remotely or through a configured SIP client.

  • Remotely
    1. Call the number 4378876936
    2. Wait for the intro audio to finish followed by a 1 second pause
    3. When the audio resumes press *
    4. Listen and confirm you hear the prompt Extension 3101, password
    5. Enter our password followed by #: <in our shared password manager Bitwarden
  • SIP client: Dial *98

Managing Voicemail and Phone Forwarding

To record or update the voicemail greeting access the voicemail per above and select the following options:

  • 0 - Mailbox Options
  • 1 - Record your unavailable message

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