Employee Salary Guide

This document outlines the salary tiers of Hypha members and the review process.


The base salary for each member is determined according to:

Base Salary = 50,000 CAD * L^l * R^r * S^s * Modifiers + Adjustment

with the following criteria:

Criteria Scaling factor Description
Level L=1.160 Skills and experiences l=[0-6]
Responsibility R=1.120 Responsibilities r=[0-4]
Seniority S=1.025 Seniority in organization s=[0-3]
Commitment 0.250-1.200 Modifier applied to members working part-time or over-time each week
Contractor 1.050 Modifier applied to contractors who do not receive employee benefits
Geo-upscaling 1.150 Modifier applied to members living in higher cost of living regions compared to Canadian average
Geo-downscaling 0.850 Modifier applied to members living in lower cost of living regions compared to Canadian average
Adjustment Custom dollar amount adjustment applied on a case-by-case basis

At salary review time, each member will perform a self-assessment to suggest their L and R to an review group made up of other members who are most suited to contribute to their evaluation. Together they will determine the appropriate values for the upcoming cycle. S and the Modifiers are based largely on objective factors, and a custom dollar amount Adjustment may be applied to retain members with high market demand skills, or in other special circumstances.

Salaries are reassessed at minimum annually, or more frequently, at maximum quarterly. If a new hire or existing member negotiates a higher salary, we should reassess all roles to ensure pay consistency.

Skills and experiences

L0: Entry-level with proficiency in a few core skills for relevant position. Not self-sufficient and needs mentorship and peer learning to progress both in execution and self-growth.

L1: Proficient in core skills necessary for the position, and can execute on tasks once they are defined. Needs mentorship in acquiring new skills as needed.

L2: Years using core skills for relevant position. Able to self-motivate and independently acquire new skills as required for the role. Needs mentorship for big-picture thinking but self-sufficient in working to an abstract plan.

L3: Many years with core skills and broad set of adjacent skills for position. Self-motivating and self-managing, able to mentor others. Comfortable signing off on deliverables relevant to areas of expertise.

L4: Confident with core skills and adjacent skills. Leads and mentors others. Leads in defining initiative strategy and independently manage end-to-end delivery of initiatives. Effectively contributes to the overall growth and direction of the organization.

L5: Brings their own distinct approach to a relevant position, and is able to articulate and execute on this to achieve the mission of the organization. Has a least 10 years (or equivalent) of relevant work experience and ability to lead the execution and delivery of large complex initiatives.

L6: Widely regarded as a domain expert both internally and externally, and is regularly approached for advice and expertise in their relevant field. Ability to lead the execution of large complex initiatives while simultaneously guiding the strategic vision and mission of the organization.


R0: Meets good member requirements. Performs tasks as defined by others.

R1: Takes ownership of key deliverables and occasional leadership of small initiatives or sub-initiatives within larger initiatives. Supports others in small ways (e.g., peering).

R2: Leads initiatives and/or back office functions regularly and reliably. Defines objectives and tasks, ensures the quality of deliverables. Can reliably interact independently with internal and external teams without guidance or oversight.

R3: Manages internal and/or client and partner relationships. Often serves as the go-to person on an internal topic, or to interface with external teams. Contributes reliable and thoughtful feedback to organizational strategy and recognizes new opportunities.

R4: Leads one or more major initiatives regularly and reliably. Serves as point person to long-running client initiatives. Actively contributes to developing the organizational strategy and represents the organization publicly. Leads the exploration of new opportunities for the organization and responsible for its long-term sustainability.

Seniority in organization

S0: A new employee who is a probationary member, or foreign contractor who is specially approved to be a probationary member.

S1: A member who is in their first year of full membership.

S2: A member who is in their second or third year of full membership.

S3: A member who has been a full member for more than three years, or is a founding member.

*A year implies full-time commitment. For part-time workers, a year is the time commitment equivalent of a full-time year.

Base salaries

The table below lists base salaries at S=0 in CAD for four-day work weeks. This is also called 1.00 commitment. Part-time members will have a 0.75, 0.50, 0.25 multipler proportional to their days worked per week. If a member works five-day weeks, a 1.20 multiplier is applied. S, Modifiers, and Adjustment are based on top of these values.

S=0 R0 R1 R2 R3 R4
L0 51,250 57,400 64,288 72,003 80,643
L1 59,450 66,584 74,574 83,523 93,546
L2 68,962 77,237 86,506 96,887 108,513
L3 79,996 89,595 100,347 112,389 125,875
L4 92,795 103,931 116,402 130,371 146,015
L5 107,643 120,560 135,027 151,230 169,378
L6 124,865 139,849 156,631 175,427 196,478

This table is reassessed each year at our Annual General Meeting, taking into consideration inflation and other factors.

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