Initiatives are mission-oriented projects that are executed by a self-organising team of 2-4 Hypha members who have the skills and tools to design, build, gather feedback or test, and finalize/release on the project.

Below we have the list of active initiatives as of 2023 Q2. Detailed information about our client projects is in our initiatives database ๐Ÿ”’.

All hands

Responsible for facilitating the monthly All-Hands meeting series where we share monthly updates on client projects, internal working groups, and discuss co-op business.

โœ… Tasks: GitHub board > all-hands label

Community cultivating

Supports the social connections and team bonding within the co-op by hosting social events.

โœ… Tasks: GitHub board > community-cultivating label

Coop dev

Support cooperative ecosystem developments.

โœ… Tasks: GitHub board > coop-dev label

Data centre

Responsible for monitoring and maintaining infrastructure stored in our data centre, and responding to infrastructure emergencies.

โœ… Tasks: GitHub board > data-centre label


Responsible for maintaining our reading/writing practice and publishing posts to our Dripline blog.

โœ… Tasks: GitHub board > dripline label

Engineering culture

Facilitates the sharing of engineering knowledge across client projects to upskill engineers and define Hypha's engineering values.

โœ… Tasks: GitHub board > engineering-culture label


Holds primary responsibility for maintaining our internal handbook at (e.g., Noticing and fixing broken links, calling for adjustments to out-of-date material).

โœ… Tasks: GitHub board > handbook label

๐Ÿ“‹ Repo: handbook-repo

Hello Hypha

Facilitates the external meeting series in which we meet with new organizations or companies. First point of contact for new contacts looking to get in touch with Hypha.

โœ… Tasks: GitHub board > hello-hypha label

Innovation circle

Organizes regular meetings with domain experts to share problems and stimulate creative thinking on various issues. Each person brings a problem statement + resource list + desired output for their problem and the circle briefly discusses and checks in each session.

โœ… Tasks: GitHub board > innovation-circle label

Roo dev

Develops and maintains our Matrix chatbot.

โœ… Tasks: GitHub board > roo-dev label

๐Ÿ“‹ Repo: roo-repo

Subject matter support

Responsible for providing subject matter expertise on a particular topic.

โœ… Tasks: GitHub board > subject-matter-support label


Maintains the content in our public-facing website at

โœ… Tasks: GitHub board > website label

๐Ÿ“‹ Repo: hypha-coop-repo

Back office working groups

Contains core business activities for sustaining Hypha's virtual office.


Responsibilities: Stewarding the financial sustainability of the organization, ensuring that a clear picture of the organizationโ€™s financial status is available.
Tasks: Establishing accounting practices, maintaining financial accounts, processing invoices, expenses, and payroll, and creating reports on our financial statements and tax obligations.

๐Ÿ‘ช Squad Members: Yurko (lead), Dante

โœ… Tasks: GitHub board > finance label


Responsibilities: Managing technical infrastructure and providing technical support for our organizationโ€™s internal tools and services.
Tasks: Maintaining servers, configuring tools such as Google Workspace and Slack.

๐Ÿ‘ช Squad Members: Yurko (lead), Elon

โœ… Tasks: GitHub board > infrastructure label


Responsibilities: Managing and overseeing day-to-day operational activities and processes, creating and refining org-wide policies and processes.
Tasks: Creating, reviewing, signing contracts; creating and documenting workplace policies; planning and executing org-wide events such as our Annual Retreat, AGM, and other internal-focused meetings such as All-Hands; supporting practice areas in operational tasks such as hiring.

๐Ÿ‘ช Squad Members: Ben (lead), Lexa

โœ… Tasks: GitHub board > operations label

Strategy / Opportunities

Responsibilities: Defining the organizationโ€™s overall strategy and approach to business.
Tasks: Identifying and seeking out new opportunities for business growth and development.

๐Ÿ‘ช Squad Members: Andi (lead), Udit, Ben, Mauve

โœ… Tasks: GitHub board > strategy label and opportunities label


Responsibilities: Responsible for the organization's corporate governance, including records and bylaws.
Tasks: Designing the co-operative's organizational structure to best fulfill the expectations of its key stakeholders, including but not limited to the membership and the board of directors. Ensuring that the co-operative maintains accurate and sufficient corporate records, maintains and interprets the bylaws.

๐Ÿ‘ช Squad Members: Ben (lead), Dante, Lexa, Udit

โœ… Tasks: GitHub board > governance label


Responsibilities: Guiding internal and external communications in alignment with its strategic vision.
Tasks: Crafting Hypha's communication strategy, aligning messaging with the co-operative's core values, leading marketing and branding initiatives and ensuring cohesive internal communications.

๐Ÿ‘ช Squad Members: Vincent (lead), Andi, Mauve

โœ… Tasks: GitHub board > comms label

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