Coordination 🚧

Members of Hypha adopt the following practices for mostly asynchoronous coordination using a couple digital platforms.

Primary Coordination

GitHub is our primary tool for coordinating asynchronously. We use GitHub Projects to track tasks that primarily come from two repositories:

A task is assigned to a Working Group (WG) or Project Group (PG) using Labels, then it becomes the responsibility of the group. A task may further be assigned to a specific member. Labels are also used to indicate priorities of tasks.

Note that while most tasks show up as Issues from hyphacoop/organizing and hyphacoop/organizing-private, there will also be Issues from other repositories, and some items that require your attention will show up as Pull Requests. The above search filters will catch everything. It is recommended for members to bookmark the search filters that apply to them in their browser and check them everyday.

Members are encouraged to use emojis liberally to indicate they have, for example: πŸ‘€ read the comment, πŸ‘ agree or πŸ‘Ž disagree with the comment, etc. This applies generally to all our tools.

When to open an Issue in organizing or organizing-private

Hypha mainly uses the organizing Issues to track the internal work that keeps the co-op running. This includes, but isn't limited to:

  • Allocating budget to attend a conference
  • Tracking datacenter updates
  • Hiring and onboarding, including for contractors
  • Acquiring clients
  • Process improvements

Real-time Chat

We use Matrix as real-time chat for day-to-day task discussions and pinging members for urgent requests.

All members are encouraged to install a Matrix client on their phone, and configure notifications for rooms to Mentions only. In messages, we refer to members by initials and only use handles when trying to trigger a notification to bring someone to a conversation (i.e., an urgent ping). There is otherwise no expectation that members will check the chat regularly, or catch up on backscrolls, therefore it is important to be intentional in bringing summaries of decisions made back into Issues in GitHub.

Shared Calendar

We have two shared Google Calendars:

Members can use office hours to identify work hour overlaps with each other, where they can expect peers to be on chat and likely to be available for calls. The travels allow people to figure out the timezone other members are in.


We use Signal for emergency communications.

Google Drive

We use Google Drive (with both privileged πŸ”’ and public folders).

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