We use pfSense to manage OpenVPN users and gain access to internal resources and also provides internet access over a Canadian IP address.

Using the VPN

To use the VPN you require to have

  • an installed OpenVPN client on your device
  • a configuration file that is generated by pfsense. You will receive this from the member that sets up your account.
  • a username and password. This will be shared with you in Bitwarden.

Adding OpenVPN users on pfSense

  • To add OpenVPN users on pfSense:

    1. Log in to pfSense panel by SSH tunneling or over the VPN
      • Recommanded to use VPN if you already have an VPN account
      • The pfSense panel can be accessed here
    2. Go to System -> User Manager
    3. Click + Add green button
    4. Enter the username, it should be ovpn_firstname
    5. Create a random strong password example: the output of dd if=/dev/urandom bs=1M count=100 | md5sum
    6. Tick Click to create a user certificate
    7. Create Certificate for user
      • Discriptive name: same as username
      • Certificate authority: utilities.hypha.coop
      • Key length: 4096
      • Lifetime: 3650
    8. Click Save
  • Exporting OpenVPN file:

    1. Log in to pfSense panel with instructions above
    2. Go to VPN -> OpenVPN
    3. Click on Client Export tab
    4. Select Remote Access Server VPN Access UDP4:13313
    5. Leaving all other settings untouched scroll down to OpenVPN Clients and click Most Clients under Inline Configurations beside the user you want to download.
    6. Send the OpenVPN file to user over encrypted means such as Signal or encrypted Matrix direct chat.
  • Deleting OpenVPN user on pfSense

    1. Go to System -> User Manager
    2. Delete the user(s)
    3. Log in to pfSense panel by SSH tunneling or over the VPN
    4. Go to System -> Cert. Manager
    5. Click on Certificate Revocation tab
    6. Click the ✏︎ beside Certificate Revocation
    7. Choose the ovpn_username you are removing
    8. Choose Reason and click + Add

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