Signing internal documents

The Board of Directors uses PGP signatures to digitally sign resolutions. We recommend using the GnuPG command line, but you can also use the Keybase command line, to sign and verify resolutions.

  • Signing with GnuPG:

      $ gpg --sign --armor \
        --output \

    with Keybase:

      $ keybase pgp sign \
        --infile \
  • Verifying with GnuPG:

      $ gpg --verify

    with Keybase:

      $ keybase pgp verify \

The text of the signed document is embedded in the signature file, so you can drop any signature file into to verify a signature. For example, you can try verifying

Note: for submitting resolutions to the Government, you will need to use an additional signing process as if resolutions are external documents. Previously this was achieved by using pandoc to build a PDF package with the resolution (without including PGP signatures) and entering that to HelloSign (see organizing/#385 for context).

Signing external documents

Members also use other tools such as HelloSign for signing client-facing documents.

See this related GitHub issue for an example of prior usage.

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