Agreements and Documents

These templates are used to conduct core business activities. They are published here for informational purposes only. Agreements and contracts are drafted for Hypha's place of incorporation, namely Ontario, Canada. The templates in their published form have not undergone legal review and Hypha assumes no liability for any damage should you choose to use these templates in full or in part.


Template Description
Hypha Letterhead Template for official letters
Hypha Document Report Template for general documents


Template Description
Member Acknowledgement The acknowledgement signed by all members (including full and probationary members)


Template Description
Job Description The template for job positions we are hiring for
Employee and Contractor Intellectual Property Agreement The intellectual property agreement signed by employees and contractors who are natural persons (not organizations)
Independent Contractor Agreement The agreement signed by all contractors (legal persons including organizations)
Employee Agreement The agreement signed by all employees
Employee Onboard Email πŸ”’ The onboarding email sent to new employees to get them all set up


Template Description
Client Agreement The default agreement we use for client engagements (although often times the client provides one)
Statement of Work The template for a statement of work for a client engagement (sometimes used in place of a Client Agreement)


These templates are used as GitHub Issue templates, where ongoing tasks are tracked.

Template Description
Public Task Create a high-level public organizational task
Infra Ticket Create a ticket to report bugs or incidents related to our office infrastructure
Private Task πŸ”’ Create a high-level organizational task
Onboarding πŸ”’ Create a task to track onboarding both employees and contractors
Offboarding πŸ”’ Create a task to track offboarding a member :(
Opportunity πŸ”’ Create a task to track pursuing and landing an opportunity
ATOM Transfer Request πŸ”’ Request ATOM for project work


These templates are used for our meeting notes.

Template Description
All Hands Template for our all hands meetings
Initiative Template for our initiative meetings, including projects and working groups
Board Meeting Template for our meetings of board members
Annual Members Meeting Template for our annual meetings of all members
Retreat Template for our team retreats


These templates are used for sections in this handbook.

Template Description
Guide Template for Guides
Role Template to add to Roles
Initiative Template to propose a new initiative
Initiative Description Template to add to Initiatives

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