Follow the steps below to offboard an inactive or departing member, employee or contractor. Use the offboarding checklist to track your work.

Google Account

These actions require the Super Admin permissions.

Export user data

Login to Google Admin

  • In the Directory/Users page click on the user being offboarded
  • Click on Security and reset their password (keep the new password as you will need it again to download when the export is ready in a few days)
  • On the same page, turn off Login challenge for 10 minutes
  • In Incognito mode, login as the user by visiting the Google takeout page
  • Initiate take out
  • Wait till export is complete (1-2 days)
  • Log in to Google takeout download page
  • Save exported file(s) when completed
  • Rename to
  • Upload to the Former employee export folder in our Privileged Google drive

    Delete the user

    Log back into Google Admin
  • In the Directory/Users page click on the user being offboarded
  • Click on Delete
  • Move Drive and Brand Accounts to another user (ask in Matrix who the new owner of the deleted account should be)
  • Click Delete
  • Open the Operations group under Groups settings
  • Click on Group information
  • Add an alias for the deleted employee
  • Remove the email from the emails document


An admin user of the hyphacoop (Emergency Channel) room needs to remove the employee being offborded.

  • Open the Signal app and open the room
  • Open the room setting
  • Click on the user being removed
  • Click on Remove from group


Room admins for the relevant channels need to perform these actions. Removing users from non-public rooms:

  • In the room user list click on the user being offborded
  • In the user settings click on Remove from room
  • Enter a optional reason
  • Click Remove from room button

If the user you are trying to remove have a power level of 100 and is on the homeserver tell server admins (@asotnetworks or @YurkoWasHere) to help remove the user.


A user in the Owner group is needed to remove users.

  • Login to GitHub and go to
  • Click on the ⚙️ button beside the user you want to remove
  • Click on Remove from organization...


Open the Slack web app and remove the user from the Hypha workspace.


These action needs the admin admin user privileges.

  • Login to Bitwarden
  • Click on Organizations on the top menu
  • Click on the Manage tab
  • Select the user you want to remove
  • Click on the ⚙️ button between the Search and Invite user button
  • And click on Remove

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