Expense Reimbursement

Employees should submit eligible expenses in the same quarter they are incurred. The Finance WG reviews submitted expenses before each pay period, and pays out reimbursement amounts on the next pay day.

Submitting an expense

  1. Upload the expense receipt to Employee Expense Receipts with file name xx-YYYY-MM-DD-title.ext where xx is the initials of the member, title describes the expense, and ext is the file extension, then make note of the URL.

  2. Open the Employee Expenses sheet and fill in a new row according to instructions in the sheet.

    • Date of Expense: [date on your receipt]
    • Employee: [employee to reimburse]
    • Description of Expense: [short description of what the expense is for]
    • Total Amount: [total receipt amount, including HST]
    • HST Amount: [total HST on the receipt]
    • Currency: [currency of the receipt] (default to CAD)
    • Exchange Rate: [currency exchange rate to CAD] (default to 1.000 for CAD, you can use the rate on your credit card statement or Bank of Canada rate on the receipt date)
    • Receipt Link: [link to uploaded receipt]
  3. That's it. Once finance approves the expense it will show up beside your name on the Employee Payroll sheet and you will be reimbursed in that pay period. The amount will not appear on your tax forms.

Approving an expense for reimbursement

For the Finance WG to approve an expense:

  1. Verify all expenses that do not have a Pay Period of Reimbursement selected.

  2. Select a Cost Center / Project and Pay Period of Reimbursement.

  3. Verify that the Total Amount (CAD) is added to the Reimbursement Summary sheet to the correct Pay Period of Reimbursement and Employee.

  4. Verify that the amount shows up correctly on the Expense Reimbursement column on Employee Payroll of the applicable pay period, so it gets entered into Wagepoint on the next payroll run.

  5. After reimbursements are paid out through Wagepoint, our bookkeeper will file the the amounts into expense accounts in Quickbooks Online based on the Posting Journals and Employee Expenses sheet.

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