Sensitive Data

In general, most members prefer not to use third-party SaaS services, like Google Drive, for storing sensitive information.

We store short strings (like SINs or codes) as password entries in Bitwarden. These entries should be shared with both a privileged group that needs access (e.g., Finance WG) and the individual.

If we must store sensitive docs (like PDFs) in a shared drive for convenience (e.g., Google Drive), we first encrypt them with a password. We keep this in Bitwarden under the entry Shared Drive: Encrypted Files. All employees can access this password. Simpler encryption schemes are preferred, for example, default PDF encryption. We recommend any secured file.pdf be renamed to file.encrypted.pdf for easy discovery.

As a last resort for sensitive docs, a member can choose to have the document printed and stored in a folder in the office.

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