Working Groups ⚠️

⚠️ Warning: Working groups are in the process of being phased out at Hypha, the content below will soon be out of date. ⚠️

Business Planning

WG for stewarding our business strategy, this includes generating and pursuing business opportunities, relationships, branding, and communications.

📅 Calls: Weekly
👪 Members: @business-planning-wg
✅ Tasks: GitHub board > wg:business-planning label


WG for stewarding the financial sustainability of the organization, this includes establishing accounting practices, maintaining financial accounts, processing invoices, expenses, and payroll, and creating reports on our financial statements and tax obligations.

📅 Calls: Weekly
👪 Members: @finance-wg
✅ Tasks: GitHub board > wg:finance label


WG for ensuring our cooperative has a healthy structure, this includes drafting by-laws, maintaining articles of incorporation, and planning annual members meetings.

📅 Calls: Biweekly
👪 Members: @governance-wg
✅ Tasks: GitHub board > wg:governance label


WG for maintaining our "virtual office" and public services, employing sustainable and privacy-protective practices to operate reliable and reproducible digital infrastructure.

📅 Calls: Biweekly-ish
👪 Members: @infrastructure-wg
✅ Tasks: GitHub board > wg:infrastructure label


WG for stewarding our shared practices and policies for effective remote collaboration.

📅 Calls: Biweekly
👪 Members: @operations-wg
✅ Tasks: GitHub board > wg:operations label

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