Employee Salary Guide

This document outlines the salary tiers of Hypha employees and the evaluation process.


Each employee will perform a self-assessment to determine their L and R and discuss their evaluation at a meeting with all full members of the organization. S is determined based on hours in Clockify.

Salaries are reassessed at minimum annually, or more frequently, at maximum quarterly. If a new hire or existing employee negotiates a higher salary, we should reassess all roles to ensure pay consistency.

In the next Annual General Meeting, members will discuss:

  • geolocation factors (e.g., location-based salary)
  • whether to modify the senority tiers (e.g., granularity, multipliers)
  • responsibility tier for back office lead roles

Skills and experiences

L0: Entry-level with proficiency in a few core skills for relevant position. Not self-sufficient and needs mentorship and peer learning to progress.

L1: Years using core skills for relevant position. Able to self-motivate and independently acquire new skills as required for the role. Needs mentorship for problem setting and strategy but self-sufficient in execution.

L2: Many years with core skills and broad set of adjacent skills for position. Self-motivated, self-managing, able to mentor others, and have done a full cycle (start, mid, end, fail) of relevant projects. Trusted to sign off on deliverables relevant to areas of expertise.

L3: Confident with core skills, adjacent skills, leads and mentors others. Brings their own distinct approach to a relevant position to articulate and execute. Widely regarded as domain expert internal and external to the organization.

+1L: A +1 modifier may be applied if necessary to fill a position requiring a skill with high market demand.


R0: Meets good member requirements. Requires support in defining tasks.

R1: Takes ownership of key deliverables and occasional leadership of small initiatives or sub-initiatives within larger initiatives. Supports others in small ways (e.g., peering).

R2: Leads initiatives and/or back office functions regularly and reliably. Defines objectives and tasks, ensures the quality of deliverables, and manages internal and/or client and partner relationships. Often serves as point person to interface with internal and external teams.

R3: Leads one or more major initiatives regularly and reliably. Serves as point person to long-running client initiatives. Actively contributes to developing the organizational strategy and represents the organization publicly.

Seniority in organization

S0: A new employee who is not yet accepted as a full member.

S1: A full member who has spent less than a third of M hours in the organization based on total hours worked since August 1st of 2019.

S2: A full member who has spent less than two thirds of M hours in the organization based on total hours worked since August 1st of 2019.

S3: A full member who has spent more than two thirds of M hours in the organization based on total hours worked since August 1st of 2019.

+1S: A +1 modifier is applied to a Founding Member of the organization.

*M represents the maximum work hours for a single employee since the incorporation date of August 1, 2019. This is calculated as 400 hours multiplied by the number of quarters since July 1, 2019.

Base salaries

The base salaries are listed in CAD for 4-day work weeks, or 400 hours per quarter. This is also called 1.00 time. Part-time employees will have a 0.75, 0.50, 0.25 multipler proportional to their days worked per week.

These rates are reassessed each year at our Annual General Meeting, taking into consideration inflation and other factors.

S0 S1 S2 S3
L+R0 75,000 81,750 89,108 97,127
L+R1 86,250 94,013 102,474 111,696
L+R2 99,188 108,114 117,845 128,451
L+R3 114,066 124,332 135,521 147,718
L+R4 131,175 142,981 155,850 169,876
L+R5 150,852 164,428 179,227 195,357
L+R6 173,480 189,093 206,111 224,661

*Current salaries are capped at CAD 150,000. Any employee who is at a salary tier above that amount will receive CAD 150,000 until we have higher revenue and cash flow.

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