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Cultivator (aka Meeting Chair)

The Cultivator is responsible for tending to the all hands meetings and important shared fields of the co-operative: where we make decisions (Loomio), where we keep our documents (GitHub), and where we keep our calendar (Google Calendar).


  • chair all hands meetings (Weekly):
    • prepare meeting pad in advance so we start on time
    • ask for additional agenda items at start of meeting
    • facilitate discussion
    • keep time
  • review and merge notes (Weekly)
  • help member-owners stay organized (As needed):
    • add meetings and important dates to calendar after meeting
    • set up required loomio theads and decisions
    • send reminders on time-sensitive action items
  • run OKR review and identification process (Quarterly)

For more details, see our Guides for scheduling and hosting meetings (summarized above).

Length and Succession: 1 month. Last meeting of each month, the Cultivator asks for volunteers for the next person, if no one volunteers they can request those who have not been one recently to do so, which can be declined within based on discussion and with cause.

Support: The previous Cultivator is responsible for making time to mentor and support the incoming Cultivator for the first week as needed.


The Notetaker

Tasks (Weekly):

  • taking notes
  • cleaning up notes, adding to gh and pinging for review

Length Succession: Single meeting. Moves through alphabetical list of active member names.

Social Media Steward

Parent WG: Business Development

Aim: Maintain an active online presence amongst neighbors and co-operative allies.


  • interacting on approved platforms
  • support or initiate discussions about presence on new platforms
  • share monthly updates with parent WG
  • track time under a specific tag


  • any interactions on our approved platforms:
    • Twitter
    • Linkedin

Limits: (on Authority)

  • Permission of parent WG needed for:
    • creating and activating new social media accounts
    • squatting namespaces on new platforms

Time Budget: Up to 2h/week.

Term: 3 mo, with renewal. Max 2 terms.

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