Welcome to Hypha! This page is supposed to help those getting situated in our organization.

Bulletin Board

Check out the board for announcements and notices! Please feel free to add your own and put a readable copy in the folder.

Bulletin Board

Our Virtual Office

We interact with the public though the following channels:

  • 📞 +1-437-887-6936 (We have specific guides for Accessing and Managing Voicemail)
  • 📫 #1308-1403 Royal York Road, Etobicoke, Ontario M9P 0A1
  • 📧 hello@hypha.coop (we have specific guides for Using Email)

Instead of a physical place we have virtual office with the following spaces:

We also have the following "helper" tools to navigate our office spaces:

Onboarding Checklist

This is a checklist for onboarding new members, workers, and contractors to the Co-operative that should be done by the Operations WG. 🚀

New workers and contractors will provide...

  • Preferred pronouns
  • A permanent and/or mailing address
  • A personal email for communications
  • A google-friendly email address (this could be a prior personal address or a hypha email can be used once set up)
  • A Signal-friendly number
  • A Matrix account (feel free to register on the Toronto Mesh homeserver where Hypha rooms exist)
  • A Github account
  • For members and workers:
    • Their Social Insurance Number (SIN)
    • Completed TD1 and TD1-ON forms

Operations will...

Set up contractor documents

  1. Prepare and provide an Independent Contractor Agreement outlining the service description, contractor relationship, including the Intellectual Property Agreement

Set up employee documents, employee record and payroll

  1. Prepare and provide an Employee Acknowledgement outlining the job description, employment relationship, including the Intellectual Property Agreement

  2. Collect information above and complete employee record

  3. Add member SIN to Passbolt and share access with People Operations group. Change the member access to the entry as read-only, as this information is for recording keeping and the Member should not be able to modify it

  4. Collect encrypted (see Sensitive Data guide) TD1 and TD1-ON forms to Drive

  5. Add member to Clockify and as Employee in Wagepoint for payroll

Set up communications

  1. Add member to Signal hyphacoop (Emergency Channel) group

  2. Invite member to Matrix spaces:

    • Private chat #hyphacoop-private:tomesh.net
    • Public chat #hyphacoop-open:tomesh.net
    • Community +hyphacoop:tomesh.net
  3. Set up a hypha.coop email address:

Set up virtual office

  1. Invite to Passbolt:

    • After acceptance, add to Member-Worker group
    • Ensure Member understands it is their responsibility to back-up their own private key
    • Ensure Member understands when creating a password, they need to grant access to appropriate groups (e.g., when a password is meant to be shared between member-workers, otherwise others do not know that password exists in Passbolt)
  2. Invite to GitHub Organization and add to Member-Workers GitHub Team

  3. Add to Google Drive and invite to calendars:

  4. Invite to Loomio

  5. Invite them to share their weekly schedule (recommended without password)

  6. Add them to specific WG services (if needed)

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