Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) ⚠️

⚠️ Warning: OKRs are in the process of being phased out at Hypha, the content below will soon be out of date. ⚠️

Hypha uses Objectives and Key Results for planning and setting collective goals. We currently define OKRs at the working group level and update them quarterly in our OKR tracking sheet.

About OKRs

Adapted from Trello blog.

OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. The Objectives tend to be the desired outcomes that you want, and the Key Results are the measurable ways you know you’re on track to reach them.

An Objective helps answer the question, “Where do I want to go?”
A Key Result helps answer, “How will I know I’m getting there?”

Current Objectives

See the objectives alongside our key results in our OKR tracking sheet. Previous OKRs are available on our meetings site

Reviewing and Identifying OKRs 🚧

The OKR process is stewarded over three weeks by the Cultivator for the month. We follow a four-stage process for identifying and agreeing on goals:

1. Recap and review (Week 1 All hands)

  • Host at end of all-hands (~30 minutes)
  • Look at OKRs from previous period
  • Review current annual Strategic Plan (temporarily, the business plan) and Financial Forecast
  • Check-in on other relevant information (e.g., our mission, values, time-sensitive information) and reflect on process

Session outcomes:

  • Notes and reflections from all-hands meeting

2. Brainstorm of organization and Working Group goals (Week 1 All hands)

  • Host at end of all-hands (~10 minutes)
  • Conduct individual brainstorming of goals, encourage people to add in more after call
  • Group goals into existing working groups

Session outcomes:

  • Notes with draft goals from all-hands meeting separated into WGs

3. Working Groups refine goals into OKRs (Week 2 WG meetings)

  • WGs take these goals and previous OKRs and discuss during their own meetings
  • WGs convert goals into "objectives" and identify "key results" and update OKR spreadsheet

Session outcomes:

  • Each WG has document with identified goals represented in/as OKRs
  • Updated OKR spreadsheet (each WG)

4. Present and agree on OKRs (Week 3 All hands)

  • During all hands, instead of WG updates each WG presents their OKRs and Cultivator presents org-wide OKRs
  • Use OKR spreadsheet to discuss and make minor adjustments

Session outcomes:

  • Shared understanding among members
  • Updated OKR spreadsheet (each WG and org-wide), with names assigned
  • Updated page on handbook

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