The purpose of this resource is to share details about how and when we meet.

We have specific guides for scheduling and hosting meetings.



All meetings are expected to have someone in the Cultivator & Notetaker roles.

All Hands

All Hands meetings are our general sync-up. We all try our best to be there. We adjust regularity and format of meetings based on time of year, member workload (inside and outside co-op), and needs of organization-wide initiatives.

📆 Schedule: We currently meet every 2 weeks, alternating between format of a short standup and a full meeting.


🕙 Duration: 60 minutes
📋 Template:

This format involves: review of previous action items, working group updates, announcements, etc. (See template for specifics.)


🕙 Duration: 15 minutes
📋 Template:

This format involves rotating through each meeting participant and having them answer 3 questions about past and future intentions and blocks to those. (See template for specifics.)

We expect no longer than 3 minutes per person. If people have more to say, they're welcome to stay after the close of he call to discuss.

Calendar Holds

Holds are unclaimed spots in our shared schedule when most members are available, that we try to leave open. They could be used for:

  • Discussions requiring the whole organization
  • Last-minute or urgent meetings, for which a new scheduling is difficult

We periodically re-poll members for the best time, often using our up-to-date weekly availability schedules.

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