Holidays, Time Off, and Leaves

Sick Days, Personal Time Off, and Leaves of Absense

We have no policy limiting the number of sick days, time off, or leaves that members take. However, we recognize taking any of the above has to be balanced against existing deadlines and commitments.

Member-workers should submit any planned or unplanned time off using this form: If you have any issues or questions notify Operations as soon as possible by email:

Public and Additional Holidays

Our virtual office is closed during Ontario's nine public holidays and member-workers are entitled (encouraged) to those days off and receive an annualized public holiday pay. We recognize three additional holidays where the office is closed and members are encouraged not to work: Civic Holiday (first Monday in August), May Day or International Workers' Day (May 1), and Remembrance Day (November 11). During December Holidays the virtual office is closed for roughly two weeks.

In cases where members choose to work on these days, or under special circumstances where a project requires, they will receive regular wages for those hours and are entitled to take substitute time off.

Holiday 2022 2023 2024
New Year's Day
January 1
Sat, January 1 Sun, January 1 Mon, January 1
Ontario Family Day
Third Monday in February
Mon, February 21 Mon, February 20 Mon, February 19
Good Friday
Friday before Easter Sunday
Fri, April 15 Fri, April 7 Fri, March 29
May Day (International Workers' Day)
May 1
Sunday, May 1 Mon, May 1 Weds, May 1
Victoria Day
Monday before May 25
Mon, May 23 Mon, May 22 Mon, May 20
Canada Day
July 1
Fri, July 1 Sat, July 1 Mon, July 1
Civic Holiday
First Monday in August
Mon, August 1 Mon, August 7 Mon, August 5
Labour Day
First Monday in September
Mon, September 5 Mon, September 4 Mon, September 2
Second Monday in October
Mon, October 10 Mon, October 9 Mon, October 14
Remembrance Day
November 11
Fri, November 11 Sat, November 11 Mon, November 11
Christmas Day
December 25
Sun, December 25 Mon, December 25 Weds, December 25
Boxing Day
December 26
Mon, December 26 Tues, December 26 Tues, December 26

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