Scheduling a meeting

Note: Consider whether this meeting might be a global interest to other members. Skip the steps below at your discretion for low-stakes topics.

  • Try to announce your intention to schedule a meeting on a topic and ask who's interested in participating. Allow at least 48 hours for people to respond.
  • Consider who might be most interested and what timing might work for them.
    • Check the [availability calendar for travel/vacation plans][availability].
    • Check everyone's [availability schedules][schedules].
  • If 2-3 candidate timeslots feel obvious from looking at people's availabilities:
    • Reserve them all in [Hypha calendar][calendar] immediately, for example: HOLD: Infrastructure Meeting (Option 1)
    • Ask in chat whether anyone who wants to attend has any blocks on any of the options
  • If short-notice or speed of booking is important:
    • Claim an open HOLD :information_source: slot.
      • If time permits or topic isn't an all-hands matter, consider leaving the hold available for someone else
      • If claiming a hold, edit the calendar immediately and announce meeting in chat
  • If your must find a new timeslot:
    • Create a new poll (we currently use When2Meet)
    • Leave ample time for completion (ideally 1 week)
    • Check on non-responders in following days and send (gentle) reminders as needed

Hosting a meeting

  • Before the meeting...
    • create a stub agenda as soon as possible (can be done before scheduling)
      • Hint: use [an agenda template][template]
    • add the agenda to the [meetings index][meetings]
    • update the [organizational calendar][calendar] as early as possible with candidate and finalized time slots progresses
    • mention the meeting time in chat, and link the agenda.
    • encourage migration of related actions, decisions and discussions into agenda from chat
  • During the meeting...
    • ask for agenda items (start of meeting)
    • facilitate discussion
    • keep time
    • call attention to action items, upcoming decisions and discussions
  • After the meeting...
    • add important dates/reminders to calendar
    • review and merge notes
    • update [meeting index][meetings] as best location changes (hackmd => review (PR) => file)
    • as needed, set up loomio threads and decisions
    • as needed, send reminders of action items
    • migrate action items into task tracker

Joining a BigBlueButton Call

๐Ÿ’ป Desktop and ๐Ÿ“ฑMobile. Follow to our default conference platform.

๐ŸŽค Mic Selection - Some browsers (such as FireFox) you will ask you for your microphone selection at the same time the browser asks you for permission to use the microphone. Other browsers (such as Chrome) will not. In those cases you will have to proceed to the Echo Test and answer No to Do you hear audio?. This will bring up a dialog to change your mic input. ๐Ÿ“ž Phone

  1. Ask a member already in the conference room for the pin number which is shown in the Public Chat area.
  2. Use the private dial-in number from our technical BigBlueButton documentation.
  3. After prompt, enter the pin number for the meeting
  4. Use the below number keys to change your settings

    • Press 0 to toggle mute and unmute
    • Increase your mic volume

      • 3 Talk Volume Up
      • 2 Talk Volume Zero (default)
      • 1 Talk Volume Down
    • Increase everyone elseโ€™s volume

      • 6 Listen Volume Up
      • 5 Listen Volume Zero (default)
      • 4 Listen Volume Down
    • Energy level is a threshold that dictates the level at which a person is determined to be speaking versus the background noise received.

      • 9 Energy Up
      • 8 Energy Zero (default)
      • 7 Energy Down

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