Setting up an Initiative

An initiative proposal should be brief and provide and overview and argument and use the template. You can add more sections as appropriate, including sample code, project roadmap, etc. Examples can be found in our initiatives archive πŸ”’.

Once a proposal has been drafted and approved, the squad will set up a new initiative with support from the Operations squad.

Leads, Opportunities & Client Proposals

While the Opportunities squad is mainly in charge of sales lead generation, all members may pursue leads as they come up.

If a member decides to pursue a lead, they can reach out to gauge potential interest in working together. If the lead expresses intention to proceed with a concrete project in mind, this becomes an opportunity. The member now heads up this sales effort and drafts an Initiative Proposal with support from the Opportunities squad, then present it (e.g., at a meeting, or via virtual channels) to see whether the co-operative wants to move forward. In this meeting, we should discuss any concerns by other members, and gauge team capacity given project timelines.

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