Compensation and Benefits

In December 2021 we revised our total compensation and switched to a salaried model. At that time we polled member-workers on what types of benefits they want πŸ”’ and a decision was made to implement health benefits as many were identified as a priority, detailed below.


Employees at Hypha, full-time or part-time, permanent or otherwise, are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • skills and experiences
  • responsibilities
  • seniority in organization

Full details and salary tiers are detailed in our Employee Salary Guide.

Health Benefits

Our provider is the Co-operators and we are able to provide the following to members based on hours worked:

Employee Status Benefits
PT (0.25 or 1 day/week ) No benefits
PT (0.50 or 2 days/week) Life, AD&D, LTD + HSA
FT (0.75 or 3 days/week, and above) Life, AD&D, LTD, EHC, Dental + HSA

What do all of those mean? See their definitions by the Co-operators.

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