Hypha Worker Co-operative

About Us

Hypha Worker Co-operative Inc. is a worker co-operative incorporated on August 1, 2019 in Ontario, Canada (Ontario Corporation No. 5019866).

Hypha is incorporated as a non-share capital worker co-operative under the Ontario Co-operative Corporations Act, 1990. This entails specific conditions on our primary object, size of membership, and role of members, as addressed in Article [1], [1.1], [144] and [145.1] of the Act.

We are a non-profit organization. As per 2017's Cutting Unnecessary Red Tape Act, Hypha falls under neither the current Corporations Act, nor the upcoming Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, which both govern not-for-profit corporations in Ontario.

Member-owners and Employees

Every member-owner is both an employee and co-owner of Hypha. There are seven member-owners, all of which are founding employees, with four Directors.

A member-owner:

  • Has completed a membership application (and/or been officially welcomed into the membership)
  • Is a permanent or founding employee
  • Is considered:
    • active if they are in good standing with their membership fees and have not requested to change their status
    • inactive if they have requested to change their status
      • Inactive members are unable to vote, serve as a director, participate in projects, or work as an employee for so long as they remain so
      • Inactive members can request to become active at any time

An employee:

A contractor:

  • Provides services clearly specified in a time-limited contractor agreement

A collaborator:

  • Participates in open Hypha activities and projects without a formal relationship

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